:: format ::
each member of SQUAT is required to create one orignal audio CD-compilation, suitable for playback in a regular CD playback device. this should probably not require a guideline but it has been included nonetheless, lest anyone think it's ok to create an MP3 CD.

:: deadlines ::

each member of SQUAT is responsible for making enough copies for every member of the assigned team - to be determined at the beginning of each new round - and mailing them with appropriate postage NO LATER THAN the previously agreed upon deadline. deadbeats are for welfare moms, and have no place in this civilized club.

:: liner notes
while not required, liner notes are highly encouraged and will most assuredly be appreciated by every recipient. trust me on this. the level of work you choose to put into liner notes is up to you but some guidelines for providing at least an acceptable level of satisfaction are as follows:

  • a title card (level of fanciness is in the hands of the individual) containing the title of the cd, as well as the name of its author
  • a playlist. playlists are not mandatory, nor are liner notes for that matter, but people really like liner notes and general think poorly of those too lazy or cryptic to include them. (i am not one of those people; i actually like the hunt. but understand those people for they are your peers in this club.)
  • jewel cases are not required, but please try to remember that not everyone has some fancy photo album system of organizing their gigantic compact disc collections. with this club you are essentially sending a gift and try to imagine how you'd feel if someone gave you a BOSSK action figure for your birthday and it was off the cardboard and all loose in a box, rattling around with its little plastic rifle. IMAGINE!
  • further note on the subject of jewel cases: a cheap and space-efficient alternative to jewel cases are those slim-line ones. also, many places sell cardboard sleeves which are pretty cheap and work nicely. placing the cd between two slices of bread is discouraged, but delicious.
  • because a number of cds will be circulating each round, i highly encourage labeling your compact disc with at least the following information: YOUR NAME, SQUAT ROUND. optionally, if you've made a title for your cd, you might consider including that, as well as an email address if you're so inclined.

:: addresses ::

a page of member addresses is available here. this table was laid out specifically to correspond to a standard Avery mailing label and, as such, you can easily print out this page and cut the little address boxes out to make your mailingn labels. ta da!

:: mailing ::

because these CDs will be light and easy, domestic postage is usually around 80 cents for first-class mailings. if you want, you can also ask the post office to check on MEDIA MAIL RATES, for comparison. (as the item gets heavier, media rates are cheaper) others may want to include additional items in their packages and that is totally up to your own discrestion.

:: administrative such and such ::

for a full archive of all email messages posted by SQUAT club members, or to do other things such as obtain club members' email addresses or unsubscribe, visit the club i set up at Yahoo! Groups

:: what did i forget?
if you have any other questions or suggestions for this page contact me here. we'll see what happens.

:: typos, etc. ::
use some intuition, please. i wrote this super-fast and i'm sure i've made a million superficial mistakes. that doesn't mean you have to be superficial and remind me of what a fuck-up i am. i have parents for that.

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