come home with me. we should get married.
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I never went down, Ray. I owe this round of Tremble to the following:

The administrative staff at the Vancouver Aquatic Center, for turning their heads while I nicked the photocopied flier for self-defense classes that inspired this redesign.

The book, Our Band Could Be Your Life, by Michael Azerrad, for its impeccable timing. Reading it reminded me how much I missed hurried, hand-made things, and how much I missed Dinosaur Jr and Beat Happening.

Geotype 105-36, a nickel, a Xerox machine, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Sharpie® fine point markers, Bic pens, crumpling, scissors, a scanner, and the always confusing but genuinely rewarding Movable Type, for mechanical assistance.

Leslie Harpold, Chris DiClerico, Matthew Atkatz, and Andrew Steele, for human assistance and patience in the face of my repeated technical ignorance.

Stephen Lee for the blockhead tremble logo.

The nice and, with respect to thrift and my poor, not entirely inclusive memory, unnamed people, for reminding me to stop complaining and keep doing by sharing their own excellent contributions to the Web (and elsewhere).

The strangers and friends who read my stuff, attend my shows, send me email and candy and, on occasion, ask me to marry them with no expectations in return. (except, i imagine, going grocery shopping and stuff if we get married.) This all sounds very soft and religious, or like the last words of a condemned man, I know, but I swear it's just about the nicest stuff in the world. Thanks for all that faith. Now go away - I don't want you to see your old man cry.


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